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Image by Dan Dennis

Busch Gardens Tampa

If you’re looking for the most adventurous theme park in America, look no further than Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. This family-friendly theme park is home to 14 thrilling rides, 7 animal habitats and a 4D cinema.


The only question left is: are you ready to explore? What makes Busch Gardens so exciting is that it has something for every type of visitor.


For example, if you’re searching for an adrenaline-pumping experience then check out the world’s first floorless roller coaster – KCPT PeopleMover and the tallest steel mountain coaster in North America – Gerstlauer EuroBurst+. If you prefer your thrills with a little bit more of a challenge then try out the world’s fastest roller coasters such as SONIC SPEED or Top Thrill Dragster™ (which recently broke its own world record by reaching speeds of 240mph).

Even if you don’t feel like trying new things, there are still plenty of fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Take our word for it: you won’t regret coming here!


Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Whether you’re a coaster enthusiast or want rides that are fun for the whole family, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is home to some of Florida's best roller coasters & thrill rides. Take on an exhilarating triple-launch coaster, a family spin coaster that’s a new ride every time, epic coaster legends and more.

Adventure Island

Enjoy waves of water and sound as you splash to the beat of a remixed favorite attraction. Wahoo Remix features synchronized light and sound elements, delivering an all-new, high energy, family raft ride experience.

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